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Advance Modular Lighting System

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UV Modules

UV Auxiliary through app Control

UVA is used to trigger increased production of THC when required, and helps in the suppression of microbial development

Laser Modules

100 Laser Modules @ 660 NM, Requiring 30W of Power

Increase production of Gibberellic acid and Cytokinin. This will increase essential oil production and concentration of sugars.

Auxiliary Outputs

Control your environment directly from your light fixture through the Advance application. Each auxiliary may be programmed by the user to act as a timer for external mains power devices

White LEDs

High efficiency with high blue ratio, vertical growth and high PPF. The spectrums may be mixed through the Advance application with other LEDs for spectrum optimization, resulting in better canopy penetration.

Infrared LEDs

Phytochrome for photo-periodism control is useful for flowering cannabis on a 13.5/10.5 schedules, rather than 12/12. This is an extra 1.5 hours of photosynthesis per day during flowering with a rapid development of biomass.

Red LEDs with Emerson Enhancement

By incorporating red LEDs, plants are exposed to light wavelengths of 600 µm and 700 µm simultaneously, which positively increased the rate of photosynthesis. This leads to up to 25% faster photosynthesis.

Lower Canopy

Our IP65 Lower Canopy removable protective sleeve connects to our auxiliary outputs for app control. This enables close proximity to the lower canopy, greatly increasing yields.

Grounding System

Intelligent Earthing (Grounding) driven by a microprocessor that is controlled with the Schumann resonance field. This increases cellular metabolic efficiency, growth, and production rates, countering negative EMFs.

Advantages of using our Advance system

Automated Controls

Automated Controls


Pesticide Free

Complete Ecosystem


Predictable Results


Higher Profitability




Mobile Application


Superior Yield

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