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U2 Grow 365 is a Canadian company specializing in custom solutions to provide the best results all year round. No matter what you are growing, where you're growing or how you're growing, our specialists will recommend the best lighting solutions.

Our Approach

U2 Grow 365 is made up of a team of experts looking to disrupt the industry. We have lighting specialists and agronomists working directly with engineers to create the most advanced lighting fixtures on the market. Our approach of "Plant-Out" means we analyze what the plants needs, then we design our fixtures to accommodate. This allows us to make the best yield and amazing ROI.

Our Structure

We work with only the best. U2 Grow 365 created a division, Grotron Canada to work with Grotron Systems located in the USA. Together we have developed the Grotron Advance Modular Lighting System, a super light specialized for Cannabis growing.


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U2 Grow 365

 Customizable Lighting Solutions

Tel: (365) 658-5166

3095, Autoroute Laval Ouest, Laval QC H7P 4W5

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